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Finding the Perfect Timing: When Is the Best Time to Use Inflight Advertisement?

Finding the Perfect Timing: When Is the Best Time to Use Inflight Advertisement?

The Insider's Guide to Inflight Advertisement


In the world of advertising, timing plays a crucial role in the success of any marketing campaign. Inflight advertising has emerged as a powerful medium, offering unique advantages to brands seeking to connect with a captive and engaged audience. However, to maximise the impact of inflight ads, it's essential to understand when the best time is to utilise this dynamic marketing channel. In this blog post, we will explore the ideal timing for inflight advertisement and how it can help your brand soar to new heights.

During Peak Travel Seasons:

Utilising inflight ads during peak travel seasons is an excellent strategy to reach a larger audience. Peak travel seasons, such as holidays, summer vacations, and major events, witness a surge in air travel. By aligning your inflight ads with these busy periods, you can target a higher volume of passengers and increase the visibility and impact of your brand message.

Long-Haul Flights:

Long-haul flights present a prime opportunity to leverage inflight ads. Passengers on long-haul flights spend several hours in the air, providing an extended exposure time for your ads. This increased dwell time enhances the chances of passengers engaging with your brand message, considering your offerings, and taking action even after the flight.

Business Traveler Routes:

Flights catering to business travellers, such as those between major business hubs, offer a valuable opportunity for inflight advertising. Business travellers often have higher disposable income, decision-making authority, and a desire for convenience and quality services. By targeting these routes, you can showcase your brand's value proposition to a highly influential and engaged audience.

Seasonal or Destination-Specific Campaigns:

Inflight ads can be strategically timed to coincide with seasonal or destination-specific campaigns. For example, if you are promoting a beachwear brand, running your inflight ad campaign during the summer months or on flights to popular beach destinations would be highly effective. By aligning your ads with the season or specific travel destinations, you can capitalise on the travellers' interests and increase the relevance of your message.

Events and Conferences:

Inflight advertising is ideal for reaching attendees of major events and conferences. By timing your inflight ad campaign to coincide with relevant industry conferences, trade shows, or sporting events, you can target professionals and enthusiasts in specific fields. This targeted approach increases the chances of your ads resonating with the intended audience and driving engagement.

New Product Launches:

Inflight ads can be leveraged to create buzz and generate excitement around new product launches. Timing your inflight ad campaign to coincide with the launch of a new product allows you to reach a captive audience and create a sense of exclusivity. By showcasing your innovative offering during the flight, you can generate interest, anticipation, and post-flight conversions.

Brand Reinforcement:

Inflight ads can be used to reinforce your brand message and maintain brand visibility among existing customers. By running consistent inflight ad campaigns throughout the year, you can remind customers of your brand's value, maintain top-of-mind awareness, and encourage repeat business. Reinforcing your brand message during flights ensures that your customers continue to associate your brand with positive experiences.

Promotional Periods and Sales:

Inflight ads can be particularly effective during promotional periods and sales events. By timing your inflight ad campaign to coincide with discounts, special offers, or limited-time promotions, you can create a sense of urgency and encourage passengers to take advantage of the deals. Inflight ads can serve as a reminder and incentive for passengers to make purchases during their flight or after landing.

Rebranding or Repositioning Efforts:

If your brand is undergoing a rebranding or repositioning effort, inflight ads can be a powerful tool to communicate the changes and introduce the new brand identity to a captive audience. By running targeted inflight ad campaigns during this transitional phase, you can increase brand awareness, generate interest in the new direction, and foster a positive perception among passengers.

Continuous Brand Presence:

Inflight ads can be used strategically to maintain a continuous brand presence and build long-term relationships with passengers. By running consistent and well-timed inflight ad campaigns throughout the year, you can establish your brand as a trusted and reliable choice among travellers. The continuous exposure helps to reinforce your brand message, increase brand recall, and drive customer loyalty.


Choosing the best time to use inflight advertisement can significantly impact the success of your marketing campaigns. By strategically timing your inflight ads during peak travel seasons, long-haul flights, business traveller routes, seasonal campaigns, events, new product launches, brand reinforcement efforts, promotional periods, rebranding or repositioning initiatives, and to maintain a continuous brand presence, you can maximise the impact of your brand messaging. Inflight advertising offers a unique opportunity to engage a captive and receptive audience, elevating your brand's visibility, recall, and customer engagement.

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