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How Meditation Transformed My Fear of Flying: A Personal Journey

How Meditation Transformed My Fear of Flying: A Personal Journey

How Meditation Transformed My Fear of Flying: A Personal Journey


For many people, flying can trigger feelings of anxiety and fear, turning what should be an exciting travel experience into a stressful ordeal. As someone who once struggled with a fear of flying, I discovered that meditation can be a powerful tool to overcome these emotions and embrace air travel with newfound peace and confidence. In this blog post, I'll share my personal journey of how meditation transformed my fear of flying and made every flight a tranquil and enjoyable experience.

Acknowledging the Fear:

Before finding a solution, I acknowledged my fear of flying and recognized that it was affecting my travel plans and overall well-being.

Researching Meditation Techniques:

I delved into the world of meditation, exploring various techniques like mindfulness and deep breathing, seeking one that resonated with me.

Practicing Mindfulness:

I began incorporating mindfulness into my daily routine, focusing on the present moment and accepting my feelings without judgement.

Understanding the Fear:

Through meditation, I examined the root causes of my fear of flying, which often stemmed from a fear of the unknown or a lack of control.

Deep Breathing During Takeoff and Landing:

As the most anxiety-inducing moments of a flight, takeoff, and landing required a special approach. I practiced deep breathing exercises during these times to stay calm and centered.

Visualizations and Affirmations:

Using guided meditation sessions, I visualised smooth and peaceful flights while repeating positive affirmations to reinforce my newfound confidence in flying.


Meditation taught me to appreciate the privilege of travelling by air and to shift my focus from fear to gratitude for the opportunity.

Staying Present in Flight:

During the flight, I remained present and engaged by focusing on my breathing, reading, or enjoying in-flight entertainment.

Coping with Turbulence:

Through meditation, I learned to cope with turbulence by accepting it as a natural part of air travel and focusing on my breath to remain calm.

Embracing the Journey:

As I continued to meditate and fly regularly, my fear gradually transformed into a sense of excitement and adventure for each journey.


Meditation empowered me to conquer my fear of flying, allowing me to embrace air travel with serenity and confidence. By incorporating mindfulness, deep breathing, and positive affirmations into my daily life and during flights, I discovered a newfound sense of peace and gratitude for the travel experiences that awaited me. If you, too, struggle with a fear of flying, consider exploring meditation as a powerful tool to overcome anxiety and open yourself up to the wonders of air travel. Remember, every flight is an opportunity for growth and self-discovery, and with the power of meditation, you can transform your flying experience into one of tranquillity and joy.

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