Honeywell Aerospace

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At Honeywell Start Up Program, Mojoboxx was chosen as a semifinalist out of 162 superlative applicants. Representing a new in-flight journey with IFE services and the amenities embedded in it has elevated our experience and learnings.

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Based Bangalore, India 🇮🇳

May 17-18, 2022

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The Omega Experience

Not Just In-Flight But Home To Home

Mojoboxx enables an ever-lasting partnership by offering a 360º integration of multimedia and e-commerce. We don't build loyal customers, we build die-hard fans. Here’s offering over 10,000 movies & TV shows and over 4000 global travel deals from hotels, travel, vacations and restaurants that will simply wow you.


World's Smartest & Lightest IFE

Smart Aircraft Connectivity

Digital Cabin
Reduces 70% cabin trips
Enabling 360 degree communication between crew, captain and flyers
Our Digital In-Flight Solutions Help Generate Revenue As You Fly


Changing the World

No wonder

our IFE is this smart.

MojoFone Redefining Air Travel 2.0

IFE generates Intranet and offers In Flight services.

• Consumable content.

• Food and Beverages.

• Cab Services.

• Sky Mall.


on the tip of your fingers.

MojoBuds Make it Possible.

• Play & Pause Smart IFE wirelessly.

• Listen to notifications and alerts.


& Control

In One Go.

MojoWatch Make It Accessible

Providing you with 360 degree control.

• Play & Pause smart IFE wirelessly.

• Receive and Send important notifications and alerts.

• Manage F&B orders & services requests.

Our Vision

Make your videos a continuation of your brand. Take full control of your output with the new Aperture. Try it for free today.
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